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PNGTuber?! What’s That?!

We’ve started messing around with making our own ‘PNGTuber‘ avatars. We’re just making the basic 2D image-swapping types that only need four images;

  • Open eyes, open mouth
  • Open eyes, closed mouth
  • Close eyes, open mouth
  • Closed eyes, closed mouth

PNGTuber basic avatar, eyes and mouth

Literally, a vTuber avatar could literally be made from eyes and a mouth! They can be that simple. Obviously more complex image swaps can be made for ’emotions’, but that’s kind of getting more complicated.

Recommended software: vector graphics program with ‘pen’ or ‘drawing’ tools. Alternatively, using a photo-painting app, make the source images as large as the PNGTuber app of choice can handle, 2048 x 2048 pixels typically, as they can be resized to fit.

Hot Tip: in your editor of choice, set the ‘page’ DPI to 300 instead of 72 (or 96) to squash the low resolution jaggies that happen when painting lines, thin ones especially.

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